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EXE Stealth - Download
The eBook tool - Protect your PDF, SWF, EXE, SCR, TXT and RTF files with follow:

+ Bind protected file to a (removeable) media
+ Expiry date
+ Anti debugger
+ Copy protection schemes
+ Anti virtual machines
+ Trial days
+ PDF to EXE
+ SWF to EXE (with script)
+ Start message
+ Start times expiry
+ Print action counter
+ Disable save and print
+ A own keygen tool
+ Remover
+ Keygen Generator with expiry date and machine id
+ Serial blacklist function
+ and much more...

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WTM Copy Protection
The copy protection software tool for CD, DVD, BD, USB Flash Drives, Cards and more. Protect pictures, photos, drm, sdk, pdf, swf, jpg, gif, ppt, doc, xls and others with this encryption tool.

Games - Finance Software - Backup Software - Anti Virus - Zip Program
Photographer Photo, Picture, Images Protection


WinHKI Block Game - Download
Play this great addicting game for free. It is really funny. This primary game is for kids, girls and perents.

WinHKI Action and Adventure Game - In Development - This great fun armor game is in development and will be release next.
This labyrinth and maze game is great. Come in the world of adventure, action and much secrets. Find in every level the hidden math secret and fight against your enemies.
Anti-Virus Information WinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus - DownloadThe program is the whole complement to your virus scanner.
WinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus is a security software tool targeted towards solving all your anti-virus software needs. It is a protection tool and the anti virus software that you have been looking for. You can use this software in combination with any anti virus scanner in the market for increased protection of your computer systems.

WinHKI Anti-Virus protection virus tool is an anti virus software that will carry out a complete system background check of Windows to find new worms, adware, Trojans or malicious code ( malware ) that have gotten installed in your system. If you are looking for a simple, easy to use and highly effective protection virus solution tool, anti-virus software, anti Trojan and anti spyware – WinKHI is what you are looking for. Test drive WinHKI today!

The program is the whole complement to your virus scanner. This is an anti protection virus tool. This program worked with most top anti virus software to help removal.

Office Information WinHKI for your Business - Download
Finance management software for entrepreneur, household, personal, home and hobby. Check with this basic planner, rated, calculator and list your money and budget monthly in a spreadsheet. Test it for free with your family, home, firm or company.

Having a business will take a lot of work. You need to supervise everything that comes with it. Your customers are the number one priority of course. With all the customers that go in and out of your business, it would be hard to keep track of each one of them. Aside from your customers, you also need to keep track of your financial status. Financially, you need to be organized. Every receipt, bill and other expense should be well tracked and stored. After all that, you will need to keep your accounting in check. Consider everything up to value added taxes and other factors that will affect your sales. When shopping for your business, you need to find the best items you need that you can get at the lowest cost. So now, you may be wondering if one person can handle that job. The answer is yes. All these tasks can be handled by only one person as long as he or she has the right tool to help him to make such a job easy. If you are thinking of business, think Winhki.
Winhki is a company that provides software that aid people with their data collection needs. They provide easier ways to store your data and at the same time protect them from other people who plan to use them. In addition to the protective purposes, Winhki also helps protect infiltrates to enter your system. Your data will be readily protected form people and other sources of corruption. All your data will be password protected if you wish and that way, only you can access your very important information. Their template for your database is very easy to use and the softwares that they provide are user-friendly that even beginners can handle them professionally. This is a true example of artificial intelligence at its best. Softwares that they provide are specialized in a certain area. They provide an anti-virus, which is used to protect your computer from viruses. They also provide an application for your photography hobbies. The program allows you to store your photographs and display them while keeping it protected from theft, when you decide to publicize them. They provide other applications and one of the most promising tools they have come up with is their business software.

Winhki can handle multiple tasks for businesses. Not every business owner is an expert in accountancy and turn to accountants to help them with tracking their finances. You can avoid spending extra money on an accountant with Winhki business software. One of its functions is one that can act as both a database and a calculator. All you need to do is add in the data into the template needed including the tax value and the program will easily calculate the amount. You can input thousands of accounts you need to be considered and this mathematical tool will do the job for you. Aside from calculation, the program allows you to keep an inventory list. The inventory list will be a great help to your business because now you can view all your bills, receipts, and balances easily. With a click of a mouse, you can easily search for the article that you are seeking without having to browse through all of them one by one. Whether for billing or receipts, you can use this program to create printable versions. You do not to need to deal with writing receipts and bills. These are important articles that need to be stored and having them computerized is truly a blessing. Any expense that need to be accounted for needs to be placed in something that has security but easily accessible by the owner. Organization is the key to it and this program is the ideal organizer. You can use it as a planner and a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is another expense that you can avoid with programs like these. Books can be kept easily into the systems and having a soft copy and a hard copy will be very convenient. If you want to keep track of your customers, this tool is for you. You can make a profile for your customer within the program and input details and transactions you have had with a specific client. With this function, you can keep track of bills that you have issued and receipts. This would be an enormous help in management of your account.

This program will help you finish the work needed in only a fraction of the time you would have used doing it manually. You do not necessarily need to own a business to enjoy the benefits to this software. You can use this for personal account. You can keep track of your household expenses like plumbing, mortgage/amortization. Use it for school expenses and other monthly financial accounts like loans and other things that will need repayment. Savings can be manageable as well. Manage your budget like a professional without having to be an expert in math. Calculators will not be a necessity because this virtual software will to the calculating for you. You can save a lot of money and a lot of time if you have this handy tool. If you are still unsure about the program, you could always visit the WinHKI web site. There you will find more information about the program and downloads. The free download will give you a sample of what you can do with this marketing tool. If you are already decided on using this program, get the full version depending on your needs. You have the option to choose the Pro version or the standard version. The three downloads differ in interface because the standard and the free have limited functions. The Pro version will allow you to access all functions. They may have slight differences but each have a design that will not make using it any harder. Do not miss on the opportunities and purchase this great software. This will work for many types of businesses. Whether you are in the music business, hotel, restaurant, or the like, this tool was made with the knowledge and intelligence to support your financial planning needs. You can use this for your home budgeting including school purposes. Keep track of your income and expenses easily and try it. This program already has a good reputation on data keeping and had received great reviews. This is the solution to all your management problems.

Download WinHKI ZIP Information WinHKI Digital Photo Protect - Download
Those who are into photography and those who sell pictures using their websites suffer greatly from illegal image copying threat and piracy related to digital photos. As it is easy as pie to download an unprotected image from the internet and take multiple copies of the digital image, it becomes crucial to find a way to protect your pictures and photos for which you have spent a lot of time. WTM digital photo protection is innovative software that prevents users from downloading your copyrighted images and eliminates the hassle for your clients. Photographer - Using this photo, no one except you can download and modify the image until you sell it to your clients (example: wedding photographer, digital photographer, cam, web camera man).

On the internet, once you upload your image, hackers know various methods to steal your image. Watermarking is a popular way of protecting digital photos, but it is not sufficient if you are selling pictures on the internet. Encrypting html code is a complex way of protecting digital images, but that too won't help you when you have innumerable pictures to be protected.

WTM digital photo protection presents to you an easy and simple way to protect your images using exclusive formatting and encryption of images using passwords. As long as your clients know the passwords, they can open and edit the photos. You can set different passwords for different photos or you can use the same password for all the photos according to your choice. It is very easy and simple add files and folders and edit text marks. With an own photo album software.

Users who want to shop on your website can always view the photos as you have uploaded, but when they want to download your website photos, they have to buy those photos from you and get the passwords to open the pictures. Also, you can have your own seller system and create your own customized shopping cart to run your business smoothly.

Download WinHKI ZIP Information WinHKI Archiver - Zip Software - Download
With photo compressor and cutter with html compress and protection tool. The professional archiver, backup software and data; file compression tool for your files. This zip program make your data very small. Download this file compressor, extractor, recovery, converter and repair tool. Extract ace, rar, hki, bzip and other formats too. Test it for free.

WinKHI, a professional archiver and data compression tool, gives you all of these and more. WinHKI is equipped with a file compressor that reduces the size of your data considerably giving you maximum storage space, as you can opt for the “best compression ratio” feature. You need zip programs, a software to manage zip files, extraction programs, freeware, file compressors with extract rar, ace, bzip, tar and other archives? Well…you need WinHKI! With WinHKI you can compress files and also ensure privacy with password protection. The trial version is yours to download for FREE so go ahead and try it out. See the difference WinHKI can make to your data management system. Download and unzip now!

Mass Mailer - This email and mail scanner bot is for your mass and bulk marketing. This information grabber for online is easy to use. Use one of the best online webtools. Scan the web with this robot crawler.

New: Submitter and Article Software

Diagram Software for your Charts, Flowcharts - Released next time...

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