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Photo, Picture, Images Protection
WinHKI Digital Photo Protection

In the digital world, protection of digital images and photos is a major concern for everyone who is interested in protecting copyrights of their images. Even if you are a simple webmaster with a few pictures on your website, it is worthy to spend your time and money in protecting the pictures because you can't create photos without putting in necessary efforts. The concept of picture protection is vital for those photographers who sell their digital images and photos. Enabling buyers to download your pictures directly from your website is a good option to increase your profits, but you need to find ways to protect others from downloading your pictures. For all copyrighting of images and picture protection needs, you can use WTM digital photo protection.

The WTM digital photo protection software is designed with flexibility in mind. Users can simply select pictures they want to select and add encryption and formatting features they want to add. Fields of pictures can be edited manually if the user is an advanced photo-editing professional. Even though the software allows setting passwords for pictures, it is not necessary. Unless a password is set for a picture, the software will not ask for any passwords. Multiple images and photos can be selected at the same time using the software.

The real power of WTM digital photo protection comes with the encryption technology used by the software. Password protection as well as customization of picture fields comes with the software. A common password can be set for all the pictures and all the passwords can be removed at the same time. If you prefer to have different passwords for different pictures, you can set them too. When pictures are created with password protection saving option, then viewer will not allow editing of images unless password is given. Information that needs to be displayed in the viewer can be set at the time of password protecting pictures. Password protection for saving files is available only in high module.

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Selecting target drive for storing of pictures and images protected using the software can be setup easily. USB drives are also allowed to be used with WTM digital photo protection and pictures can be directly saved in the flash drive. CD/DVD formatted label key allows setting up of autostart option for protected pictures. Passwords and protection are applicable only to pictures and images and they are not connected to any drive.

Watermarking feature of WTM digital photo protection is popularly used by webmasters for protecting their pictures and images uploaded to their website. If your clients want their pictures watermarked, you can complete it within a couple of minutes using watermarking feature available with the software. Watermark text can be set according to the choice of the user. Font color, name, style and size can be adjusted according to user’s preference. If standard three lines of watermarking is not necessary, a few lines can be deleted as you wish. Font position can be adjusted by changing field values. Width and height in pixels can be set if the user doesn’t want standard position for watermarked images.

Designing viewer for pictures is an exclusive option available for WTM digital photo protection users. Texts and titles displayed on the viewer can be set according to your choice. Before opening a picture, the viewer will ask for password when the photos are picture protected. Viewer title can be set to any value according to user’s choice. Languages for the viewer can also be selected easily. Texts from the viewer can be used in easy steps for display in mails, shopping carts or any other display area. A unique standalone picture protection viewer is also found along with WTM digital photo protection. This can be sold directly making use of selling form.

WTM digital photo protection allows easy and simple creation of shopping cart if you want to sell the pictures online. The software can be directly integrated with the shopping cart on your website and all the features of the software will be made available. This is available with high module only. You can obtain all shopping cart features and this eliminates the need to design a unique and special shopping cart for digital photos and images.

Users who view the pictures in your website can't download the pictures as screenshot protection is available. At the same time, pictures can be viewed at their original quality depending on the compression ratio used. Users who want to purchase pictures can add selected pictures to their shopping cart and buy them all at once. At any time, shopping cart can be updated by the user. After finalizing all pictures to be purchased, users can simply push a single button to make payment for the pictures. All types of payment modes are accepted by the cart and a copy of payment is sent to the seller and buyer.

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